Mike Pittman | Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

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mike-pittmanMike is new to Pioneer, starting in February of 2012.  He is a life long resident of Boyle County and retired from the Boyle County School in June 2011.  Mike graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1977 and began work as a juvenile counselor.  In 1983 he became a probation and parole office and in 1990 after going back to Eastern and finishing a second degree  became a high school teacher, coach and athletic director.  In 2001 he became the Director of Operations for the Boyle County School District.  Mike also has his masters in counseling and Rank I certification from Eastern Kentucky University.

For 45 plus years Pioneer has offered employment, taught day to day living skills and in a secure, caring environment.  Hundreds of disabled/disadvantaged individuals, have benefited from the Pioneer experience.  Mike's goal is to stabilize Pioneer, and build a foundation that will ensure that hundreds more benefit from the experience.

"How rewarding to be a part of a team that sees the talents and abilities of individuals less fortunate and helps them to be the best they can be."

Danny Rigney | Director of Marketing and Operations

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danny-rigneyDanny Rigney is an International Business Executive with a highly progressive and successful career within global manufacturing environments. He offers a consistent record of success with key demonstrated strengths in the area of Sales, Purchasing, Plant Management, Quality and Project Management.

Danny began his career in manufacturing as a janitor at the Whirlpool Plant in Danville Kentucky. During the next 25 years, he held numerous positions at Whirlpool/Panasonic, from production lines to General Manager of Purchasing, a position he held until he left the company in 1999, the year he founded Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

Sourcing Solutions, Inc. was a start-up company designed to function as a domestic support center for an international affiliate headquartered in Japan and operating out of Singapore. Danny traveled extensively in Japan/Southeast Asia and Mexico investigating world-wide markets, directing international import/export activities, conducting high-level negotiations and providing hands-on management of operations at domestic and international locations. As president/Owner-Operator, Danny increased annual product sales from $0-$65 million over a nine-year period. He sold the company in 2009.

Danny is a results-oriented leader who builds high performance teams through training, coaching and empowerment. As a lifelong resident of Danville and Boyle County, Danny is committed to utilizing this leadership in his role as Director of Marketing and Operations to promote Pioneer Vocational Industrial Services both in the local community and abroad.

Danny holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Lindsey Wilson College. He is a member of the Lindsey Wilson College Board of Trustees. He and his wife, Janna have two children.

"Success at Pioneer isn't just measured by "product output" but more importantly on "team input" as we channel each day's opportunities to positively impact the lives of those we serve both within the operation and throughout the community. I am honored to be part of this great heritage and envision a thriving future."

Mike Edwards | SCL/MPW Day Training Services Director/Employment Specialist/AbilityOne Coordinator

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Mike has served Pioneer for almost 30 years. His experience, insight, and training are invaluable to our Day Training Program. He is responsible for directing the daily activities of the Day Training Program. He ensures that we stay in compliance with all of the regulatory agencies. He strives to make Day Training a successful program.

Mike serves as the Employment Specialist here at Pioneer as well. He provides complete and continuous assistance to clients that are looking for employment. He works to match clients with a job that interests them and is conducive to their physical needs. Gainful employment for his clients is his ultimate goal.

Mike graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. He provides quality care and services to all our clients.

"It is very rewarding to see an individual succeed in a job they truly enjoy."

Dot Carman | Office Administration Director / Safety / Compliance Officer

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dot-carmanDot has been with Pioneer for 15 years and became the office Administration Director in August 2012.  She also over sees safety and compliance. The dedication of everyone at Pioneer is what keeps Dot motivated. She hopes to see as many people as possible advance in today's world and to achieve success in the industrial world.

"I received handmade 'get well' cards from everyone in the work habilitation program when I was sick. It's the little things like that make Pioneer such a special place."

Mike Fayne | Director of Services Assistant

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Mike Fayne

Beverly Sleet | Production Technician

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beverly-sleetBeverly is responsible for directing the daily activities of the production facility.  This includes manpower utilization, supervision, and effective use of space, equipment and human resources.  She's been with Pioneer for 30 years.

Beverly hopes to see an increased number of manufacturers Pioneer works for so Pioneer can serve more employees.  She thrives on the new challenges she faces.

During her time at Pioneer Beverly has served as an EMT & First Responder.  After a safety class for Pioneer employees, a mother of one of the employees asked him what he should do if he needed help.  His answer: Call Beverly.

"I want to see Pioneer continue to serve as many disadvantaged individuals as possible. Seeing clients succeed in life, watching them learn to care for themselves, has kept me coming back."

Joy Burton | Day Training Counselor

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joy-burtonJoy has worked at Pioneer for seven years as Day Training Counselor.  Joy has developed and implemented the day-to-day programs of SCL/MPW participants. She conducts individual, and group classes on topics such as independent living, job skills and proper work habits.

Joy hopes that Pioneer will continue to assist in individuals' feeling of self worth and to help find jobs that suit their personality and skills. With her teachings, Joy is building confidence and skills for individuals to use to enter the workforce and live independently.

"I like watching individuals reach their potential and knowing that I get to be part of their support team."

Flora Crain | Day Training Production Supervisor

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flora-crainFlora has worked at Pioneer in the SCL/MPW program since July 2011.  She supervises supports for community living participants through pre-vocational activities, during group outings, and when working.

"I have always believed that each life touching mine has helped me grow as an individual working with this group has helped me broaden my horizons immensely."

Billy Yocum | Industrial Mechanical Technician

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billy-yocumBilly is responsible for day-to-day maintenance of all equipment, vehicles  building, etc.  He has the unique ability to troubleshoot equipment, identify problems and provide solutions.  Providing solutions frequently includes job modifications that allow us to not just complete a job but complete it quicker and with more accuracy.

He is also a production supervisor on the floor and serves as our In-House safety chairperson.  He has been with Pioneer for 4 years.

""Driving to build a better future for Pioneer."

Rechelle Statom | Human Resources/Office Manager

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Rechelle Statom



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